5 Reasons To Consider Becoming A Dental Hygienist

Many people know that regular dental exams and cleanings are essential not only to their oral health but also to their overall health. Healthy teeth and gums are very important, and dental hygienists work closely with dentists to ensure that a practice's patients have clean teeth and the knowledge needed to take care of their teeth at home. If you're interested in the dental industry, there are many reasons to consider becoming a dental hygienist, such as: [Read More]

3 Healthy Foods To Pack In Your Child's Lunch To Keep Their Teeth Clean

While your child is at school, you may worry about how to keep their teeth clean after lunch, especially if you know they do not have time to brush before the period ends. If so, pack your child's lunch with one or more of these foods that are not only healthy but can also keep clean your kid's teeth. Apple Slices with the Peel One tooth-cleansing food that may already be one of your child's favorites is apple slices. [Read More]

3 Ways A Dental Cleaning Protects Your Teeth

Many dentists recommend that you come in for a dental cleaning a couple of times each year. This allows them to not only clean all of your teeth, but it also gives them the opportunity to look for and fix any cavities or other issues that you may have at this time. Getting a dental cleaning can go a long way in protecting your teeth and this article will discuss 3 ways that it does this. [Read More]

Suffer From Burning Mouth Syndrome? 5 Ways To Alleviate The Discomfort

If you're a woman who's approaching middle-age, you need to start paying closer attention to your mouth. Once you reach middle-age, you're susceptible to an increased number of dental problems. One of those dental problems isburning mouth syndrome, which is a condition that can be caused by hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, nerve damage, or even fungal infections. Burning mouth syndrome causes a burning and tingling sensation inside your mouth, especially on the tongue. [Read More]